Ndobian Hospital abandoned in wild Vegetation

The well-furnished Ndobian District Hospital situated in Makombe in the Nkam Division of the Littoral region has been abandoned in the merciless care of wild vegetation which has covered the health facility and made it inaccessible.

No medical personnel could be found at the hospital constructed to provide medical services desperately needed by the population.

” The sick come here for treatment but can’t find any medic. It’s absolutely embarrassing”. A local around the hospital said.

Even the medical doctor who was recently decorated with a medal of honour and recognized for hard work, is nowhere to be found.

” There is a woman who was assigned here as a medical doctor, she has not been traceable for about six months now. We don’t know why she left, whereas last May 20, she received a medal of honor and recognition. I wonder the importance of such of medal of encouragement.” Another inhabitant hinted.

In disappointment, the population of Ndobian implored the Minister of Public Health to take note of this precarious situation confronting them.

” We plead with competent government authorities to help us quickly enough because we are really in need of a hospital. They should recruit new nurses here as if necessary replace the Doctor whose whereabouts are unknown. ” Added a native.

Ndobian village does not also have accessible roads to the abandoned hospital. The population who said are prevented from moving around due to the deplorable state of the seasonal roads also implore local authorities to render them accessible.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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