Nationwide Cities Cleaning, Green Development Movement Launched

Addis Ababa: The National Cities Cleaning and Green Development Movement launched today in Addis Ababa under the theme ‘Cleaner Cities for Ethiopia’s Height.’

High ranking government officials including Prosperity Party Vice President Adem Farah, minister of Urban Development, Chaltu Sani, other ministers and invited guests were in attendance.

On the occasion, Chaltu said the national movement launched today is part of the initiative launched by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed recently under the theme, ‘Clean Cities – Healthy Lives.’

The movement aims at creating a healthy community by establishing a modern system to discard garbage, she added.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Ethiopia, UN to Consolidate Cooperation in Supporting IDPs

Addis Ababa: Ethiopia and UN are keen to consolidate cooperation in supporting Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Foreign Affairs State Minister Mesganu Arga and UN Secretary-General Special Adviser on Solutions to Internal Displacement, Robert Piper, held discussion today.

On the occasion, State Minister Mesganu explained the specific measures introduced by the Ethiopian Government that have helped in the relocation of individuals who were internally displaced to their respective regions.

Special Adviser Piper on his part appreciated Ethiopia’s move to finalize the national proclamation to protect and assist IDPs.

He noted that an astounding number of IDPs are returning to their areas of origin in Ethiopia, which signifies improved security conditions and other favorable factors.

The discussion between the two sides also indicated the need for cooperation and coordination between humanitarian development and peace actors.

In this regard, the discussion focuse
d on the potential of UN-Ethiopia cooperation in supporting the DDR program as outlined in the Pretoria Peace Agreement

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Rally Held In Nekemte in Support of Reforms Underway in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa: A demonstration was held in Nekemte town, in the East Wollega zone of the Oromia region today to support reform activities being carried in Ethiopia.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representative, Tagesse Chafo, Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen Tiruneh, Oromia Regional President Shimelis Abdisa and other high level government officials were present at the rally.

Participants of the rally gathered from four Zonal Administrations of the region at Nekemte stadium in large numbers and expressed their support and lauded the progress being made in various sectors over the past six years of the reform carried out by the government.

The participants have pledged to stand by the government in the efforts to realize national prosperity.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

PM Abiy Is in Nekemte, Oromia Region

Addis Ababa: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed arrived in Nekemte this morning.

The premier is accompanied by Speakers of the House, Tagesse Chafo, Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen Tiruneh , Oromia Regional President Shimelis Abdisa.

The community warmly welcomed the premier and his deligation up on arrival at the newly built Nekemte airport.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Sudan Requests Ethiopia to Play Vital Role in Sudan’s Comprehensive Peace-Making Efforts

Addis Ababa: State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Mesganu Arga today received Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of the Sudan, Ambassador Hussein Awad Ali Mohammed, in his office.

The two Ministers exchanged views on the bilateral ties of Ethiopia and the Sudan, according to Foreign Affairs Ministry.

On the occasion, Sudanese Foreign Minister acknowledged Ethiopia’s significant role in Sudan’s comprehensive peace-making efforts and requested Ethiopia to play its vital role based on the historical and fraternal close partnership of the two countries.

Ambassador Mesganu reassured Ethiopia’s Commitment to peaceful resolution of the ongoing conflict in Sudan recalling Ethiopia’s efforts to bring peace and stability to the sisterly nation of Sudan.

The State Minister further reiterated Ethiopia’s belief on an all-inclusive peace process owned by Sudanese and emphasized that all efforts should be Sudanese-led.

Following his recent appointment as Foreign Minister, Hussein Awad Ali Moham
med embarked on his tour, with Ethiopia being his first destination

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

PM Abiy Urges Public to Work Hand in Hand for Peace, Unity

Addis Ababa: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed urged the public to uphold peace, unity, and development in the country hand in hand.

A rally in support of the reforms launched over the last six years was held at Welega Stadium in Nekemte Town.

Residents, drawn from four zones of Welega participated at the rally, carrying placards, “Welega: A Land of Peace and Prosperity!”Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives Tagese Chafo, Speaker of the House of Federation Agegnehu Teshager, Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen Tiruneh, and Chief Administrator of the Oromia Region Shimelis Abdisa attended the event.

During the occasion, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed called on the public to give utmost attention to peace, unity, and development.

Upholding the peace, we have to develop our nation hand in glove, the premier stated.

Mentioning that peace is the basis for everything, in the course of which, spirit of love and brotherhood will thrive, he said. By refraining from destructive actions that wou
ld have ramifications on future generations, it is imperative to embrace discussion and uphold unity, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said.

Recalling the hurdles encountered prior to the reform in the sphere of economy, the premier said that outstanding economic achievements have been made following the implementation of the reforms.

He highlighted Ethiopia’s resilient economy which has revitalized the agriculture sector, and is transforming urban areas, and uplift the nation.”There is no force that can stop us from achieving what we have begun! From our heart, we are committed to transforming our country with unwavering dedication,” the prime minister reaffirmed.

“I repeat my words, we will ensure Ethiopia’s prosperity, preserve its unity, and make it a respected nation in Africa,” Prime Minister Abiy reiterated.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Photo Exhibition Portraying 120 Year Ethiopia, U.S Relations Opens

Addis Ababa: A photo exhibition that depicts the 120 years of bilateral relations between Ethiopia and United States opened at the National Museum in Addis Ababa today.

This event promises to showcase an array of captivating photographs depicting the longstanding bilateral relationship between the United States and Ethiopia.

US Ambassador to Ethiopia, Ervin Massinga said on the occasion that the exhibition serves as a testament to the enduring ties between the two nations.

‘Through these thoughtfully selected photographs, we celebrate the milestones and connections between our two countries in various sectors such as health, education, agriculture, and economic development. Each image serves as a reminder of the strong, resilient, long-term bonds that unite us,’ he stated.

According to the ambassador, opting to extend this exhibition to various venues in Addis Ababa demonstrates the dedication to accessibility and inclusivity.

Ambassador Massinga pointed out that these impactful images are accessible to
a diverse audience from prominent public areas to the digital domain, surpassing boundaries, touching viewers both locally and globally.

Finally, he reiterated, “Let us continue to foster and strengthen the friendship between the United States and Ethiopia for countless years to come.”

Tourism State Minister Sileshi Girma said that the photo exhibit showcases captivating images that captured key moments in the long, thriving relations of Ethiopia and the United States.

It also marks a continuation of the 120 years anniversary celebration of the start of bilateral relations between the two countries.

Today, Ethiopia is of the United States closest allies in Sub-Sahara Africa, the state minister said, adding that the countries work together in diverse areas of cooperation, including economic development, security, health care and education, among others.

Moreover, Sileshi stated that the cultural and people-to-people ties between Ethiopia and the United Sates are also growing from time to time.

The diplom
atic relations between Ethiopia and the United States started in 1903, following the signing of a Treaty of Commerce by Emperor Menelik II and US Representative Robert P. Skinner.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency