Ethiopian Finance Minister Named as among Top African Finance Leaders 2024

Addis Ababa: The African Leadership Magazine (ALM) unveiled the Ethiopian Minister Finance, Ahmed Shide among top 25 African Finance Leaders 2024.

ALM stated that it is pleased to announce the list of top 25 African Finance Leaders 2024, showcasing excellence with the continent’s financial sphere.

The Magazine extended its congratulations message to the Finance Minister of Ethiopia, Ahmed Shide for his visionary leadership driving economic growth and stability.

Under his guidance, Ethiopia progresses in fiscal management, attracting investments for sustainable development, it added.

‘His focus on inclusive growth and infrastructure reflects dedication to unlocking Ethiopia’s potential,’ the ALM underscored.

Ahmed’s commitment to financial reform demonstrates Ethiopia’s determination to become a regional economic powerhouse, it was indicated.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Religious Leaders Urge Prayer for Peace and Support for Needy This Easter

Addis Ababa: Religious leaders have emphasized the significance of Easter as a time to pray for peace and security of humankind, and to extend helping hand to those in need.

His Holiness Abune Mathias, the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church; His Eminence Birhaneyesus Souraphiel, Archbishop of the Ethiopian Catholic Church; and Reverend Dereje Jemberu, the General Secretary of the Ethiopian Gospel Believers Council of Churches, have conveyed their Easter greetings and shared messages of hope and compassion.

Patriarch Abune Mathias, who highlighted the profound love of God and the hope symbolized by Easter, stressed the importance of standing together in unity for the greater glory of God and well-being of humanity.

His message resonated with the idea of celebrating Easter with love, mutual support; and by extending assistance to those in need.

The patriarch called for prayers for peace and security, ensuring the welfare of all humankind.

Archbishop Birhaneyesus Souraphiel, representing th
e Ethiopian Catholic Church, spoke about the resurrection of Christ as the good news that guides believers.

He noted that peace is the ultimate solution to all problems and that Easter should serve as an instrument of peace for both the people and the country.

The archbishop urged everyone to embrace the spirit of peace and offer prayers for its realization.

Reverend Dereje Jemberu, the Secretary General of the Ethiopian Council of Gospel Believers Churches, emphasized the significance of assisting those who require support during Easter celebrations.

He called upon devotees to express their love and forgiveness by reaching out to those in need, extending a helping hand, and providing support.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

PM Abiy Extends Easter Best Wishes to All Christian Faithful in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has conveyed his best wish message to all Ethiopian Christian faithful for the Easter holiday that is going to be celebrated by tomorrow across the nation.

In a message he shared on social media, the premier said every year, we celebrate the sufferings of Jesus Christ endured during the Holy Week, before the feast of His Resurrection.

His crucification, death and resurrection, symbolized His triumph over hell and the grave.

Before the feast, we observed the Holy Week, witnessing wailing, temptations, sufferings, betrayal, unity of the evil ones and pains Jesus Christ received.

Comparing Ethiopia’s unprecedented challenges with the sacred days of the week, Prime Minister Abiy expressed optimism that would resonate widely in the country.

He strongly believed that Ethiopia has the power to overcome challenges and its long awaited brightest day will come.

Expressing belief that Ethiopia could be challenged, Abiy noted we are convinced that our journey will not be easy
in our endeavour to heal the centuries old fractures and failures of the country.

In this regard, the prime minister mentioned the backlogs of problems that have been inherited from the past specially, in the spheres of fiscal policy, agriculture, manufacturing, foreign policy, national unity, and in other sectors.

Acknowledging Ethiopia is endowed with immense wealth and strong leadership, the premier vowed to work hard for the betterment of the country and realize its aspiration.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

WPFD: JMC intensifies discussions on environmental reporting for young journalist

By Nchendzengang Tatah

Students of the department of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC), University of Buea (UB) have been schooled during the 31st World Press Freedom Day on various aspects of environmental journalism inorder to tackle issues of climate change.

The event at the UB Open Commons, May 3, 2024 organised by the Association of Student Journalists of the University of Buea, ASJUB, brought together hundreds of JMC students who benefited from the rich expertise of three speakers. This years theme of celebration is; A press for the planet: Journalism in the face of the environmental crisis.

Boris Karloff Batata, one of the speakers is an award winning humanitarian journalist. In his discussion, he explained the need for the student journalist to adopt a nitch relevant to the current global concerns. He said the environmental journalist accompanies the people without, before and after environmental disasters. They must be able to paint reality for appropriate actions.

Cross section of JMC stud
ents at WPFD 2024

JMC HoD, Dr. Nengieh Lizzie flanged by guest and some staff

The environment being the habitat of humanity plays an important role in their mental development. This inspired the discussions of Etanh Sidony, another speaker. She used relatable episodes of mishap occurrences to illustrate the turnout for good. ‘We like it or not, we can’t run away from the fact that climate change is existing and the psychological and social aspect of it follows suit,’ Etanh Sidony noted.

The eventful celebrations spiced with debates on the reality of climate change, and talent showcase was presided over by the Head of department for Journalism and Mass Communication. Dr. Nengieh Lizzie, visibly satisfied at the end of the exchange said the theme was relevant and of great significance. ‘We need to fight against misinformation and disinformation especially when it comes to environmental reporting because it has effects and consequences on our society,’ she highlighted.

The Journalism scholar said her departm
ent was doing the necessary to arm journalist under training with the knowledge they need to tackle the present environmental concerns. She informed of plans ahead to include such aspects in the curriculum, however noting that they continue for the time being to use such exchanges to that end.

A workshop on Environmental journalism organised by Mongabay the worlds leading environmental news site took place in JMC two months prior. Stakeholders at this flagship training institution are optimistic that their commitment will yield greatly in the near future.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

Limbe II welcomes CAMASEJ secretariat on World Press Freedom Day

On the occasion of the commemoration of World Press Freedom Day, the Limbe branch of CAMASEJ (Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists) inaugurated its secretariat on May 3 at the new Limbe II council market in Karata.

The event was marked by a ceremonious cutting of the ribbon and the unveiling of the secretariat’s signboard by esteemed dignitaries, including Limbe II Mayor Chief Woka Daniel Ndive and Divisional Officer Meke Serge Albert.

Mayor Daniel Ndive, in his remarks, expressed gratitude for the invaluable role of the media in his journey to leadership, acknowledging their unwavering support and coverage of his philanthropic activities.

‘I remember some years back we were doing philanthropy…and they took upon themselves to publish every activity without any charge,’ Mayor Ndive reminisced.

He further recounted how the media recognized his contributions, paving the way for his emergence as a potential leader.

The said office it should be noted, was donated by the Limbe II mayor for one
year rent-free.

He also pledged the possibility of extending the free-rent arrangement to an extra year if the secretariat is managed effectively.

Source: Cameroon News Agency