Ethiopia Earns Over 835 Million USD from Coffee Export in Nine Months

Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority (ECTA) announced that coffee exports have brought 835.2 million US dollars to the country in revenue during the nine months of the current fiscal year that started on 8th July 2023.

According to the Deputy Director-General of ECTA, Shafi Umer, the nation exported 174,596 tons of coffee to the international market during the stated period.

Shafi indicated that the income has marked a notable increase as compared with the previous Ethiopian fiscal year same period.

Saudi Arabia, South Korea, the United States, Germany, Japan and China have been the major destinations of the East African nation’s coffee products, it was learned.

The Deputy Director-General figured out that the Ethiopian coffee industry achieved a significant milestone as it has been generating billions of dollars in revenue following the nation’s rigorous reform in the sector.

For instance, the country obtained over 1.3 billion USD from coffee exports during the past Ethiopian fiscal year.

added a total of 1.75 billion USD is anticipated to be obtained from coffee export at the end of this concluding Ethiopian fiscal year.

Shafi further stated that in addition to the existing destinations for coffee export, Ethiopia has been diversifying its international market over the nine months.

In this regard, he indicated that a number of new countries have been joining the top 10 clubs of Ethiopian coffee buyers.

While the United Arab Emirates, Sudan and China were previously buying Ethiopian coffee, they were not ranked among top 1o Ethiopian coffee buyers.

Moreover, Shafi said that tremendous reforms are being made in coffee production and value as well as market chains to achieve better results.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Prevailing Peace, Stability in Somali Region Following Reform Attracting Huge Investments

Addis Ababa: The peace and stability created in the Somali region following the reform attracting huge investments in various sectors, including agriculture, Somali Regional State Chief Administrator Mustefe Mohamed said.

Mustefe told ENA that the Somali region has been in an atmosphere of conflict for many years.

Following the reform, however, the people have benefited from development in all fields due to the prevailing lasting peace and stability, he noted.

He stated that a new chapter has been opened by attracting huge investment in agriculture, industry and service sectors and the development of agricultural production has doubled after the reform.

Mustefe further pointed out large-scale irrigation development projects worth no less than 8 billion birr are being conducted in two zones of the region.

There are also extensive investment activities in both rain and summer irrigation development, he said, adding that wheat and rice cultivation is being done on a large scale.

According to him, efforts w
ill be made to increase national foreign exchange earnings by supplying food crops to the foreign market besides ensuring food sovereignty by replacing food crops with local production.

The tourism sector in the region was weak, he said, further adding that activities are being done to develop the sector.

In particular, he mentioned that the Dine for Generation project, which was started by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is contributing to the revitalization of the sector.

Mustafe said that when the road, water and power infrastructure problems are solved in a sustainable way, it will be possible to use the region’s potential for national development.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

China-Ethiopia All-weather Strategic Partnership will Further Deepen: Outgoing Chinese Ambassador

Addis Ababa: The outgoing Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia Zhao Zhiyuan expressed his hope for the continued deepening of the China-Ethiopia all-weather strategic partnership.

A farewell ceremony was held on Sunday night at the Ethiopian Airlines VIP Lounge for the departing Chinese ambassador.

High-level Ethiopian officials, including State Minister of Finance Semereta Sewasew, Oromia Region President Shimelis Abdisa, Ethiopian Federal Police Commissioner General Demelash Gebremichael and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Protocol Director General Melaku Bedada, gathered to bid farewell to the ambassador and discussed the strong ties between the two nations.

In his parting remarks, the ambassador told ENA that he had worked hard to strengthening China-Ethiopia relations during his over three and half years tenure.

”Today, I am leaving for China to complete my mission. My feeling is very complicated. Everybody knows I have worked hard for Ethiopia and China-for bilateral relations-for more than three and half ye

Ambassador Zhao emphasized his affection for Ethiopia and its people. ”I love Ethiopia. I love the people of Ethiopia. We all know that Ethiopia has great potential.”

He expressed his hope for the continued deepening of the China-Ethiopia all-weather strategic partnership. “I hope that our all-weather strategic partnership will further deepen.”

The ceremony underscored the enduring partnership between Ethiopia and China, and paves the way for continued collaboration in the years to come.

He thanked the government and friends from every communities for their support to his successful work in Ethiopia.

The contribution of the ambassador in strengthening the relationship between Ethiopia and China is commendable.

China’s support for Ethiopia’s membership to the BRICS family is also another landmark in the longstanding relations between Ethiopia and China that decorates the ambassador’s tenure in Ethiopia.

During the Ambassador’s tenure in Ethiopia, various development projects were completed wit
h the support of the Chinese Government.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Women’s Active Participation Critical For Successful Conduct of Nat’l Dialogue in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa: Women are strongly encouraged to actively take part in the forthcoming inclusive national dialogue as they play significant role in consolidating the nation’s effort to ensure sustainable peace.

Ethiopia is about to commence an inclusive national dialogue in which all stakeholders can come together and speak about key national challenges to attain a common and lasting resolution.

The National Dialogue Commission is finalizing its preparations in identifying participants and discussion agendas in a meticulous process aimed at ensuring the inclusivity of the dialogue.

In this regard, the Commission is working to enhance women’s participation in the dialogue taking in to account the importance of their contribution to the process.

Taking this in to consideration, ENA approached three women who are from different occupations.

They said women, who represent half of the total population in Ethiopia, are crucial to the successful conduct of the dialogue. They also commended the ongoing efforts of t
he commission to make the dialogue all inclusive.

An expert of conflict situation monitoring at the Ministry of Peace, Tigest Hailemariam for her part stated that women’s participation in the national dialogue has a significant role for the success of the dialogue because women preach peace as they are the primary victims of conflicts.

Tigest advised all pertinent bodies need to come around the table to discuss on their common interests and bring shared solutions instead of trying to use force.

The national dialogue is the best opportunity for women to express their strong desire for peace, Tigist underlined.

A lecturer at the Addis Ababa University School of Journalism and Communication, Agaredech Jemaneh said women are the embodiment of peace as they possess the ability to foster unity within the family and the community.

Appreciating the efforts being made by the commission to encourage women actively participate in the dialogue, the lecturer said women need to engage themselves in the process.

have the potential to provide their wisdom, Agaredech stated indicating that the upcoming national dialogue is a good opportunity to find concrete solutions for the challenges the country is facing.

Fatuma Hussen, head of women and youth sector at the Ethiopia Islamic Supreme Council said the national dialogue is key instrument to bring peace and sustainable development in the country stressing that women have the obligation to actively participate as they are the primary beneficiaries of sustainable peace.

She urged women to play their significant role in consolidating the nation’s effort to ensure peace by actively engaging in the process.

‘A woman can influence at least 4 men including her husband, brother, father and her son. If every woman can influence all these segment of the society at home not to involve in conflicts, conflict could be curtailed.’

Therefore, if we maintain peace at family level, we can maintain peace at the community level, peace can be ensured at national level at large as well,
she underlined.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency