Officials Vow to Take Concerted Effort to Bring Tendaho Irrigation Dam into Full Operation

Addis Ababa: Senior government officials expressed their commitment to carry out a concerted effort to bring the Tendaho irrigation dam into full operation.

The officials visited Afar Region of Ethiopia to see development projects including drinking water and sanitation schemes, summer wheat cultivation activities and irrigation development projects.

Minister of Water and Energy Engineer Habtamu Itefa, Minister of Agriculture, Girma Amente , Minister of Irrigation and Lowlands, Engineer Aisha Mohammed and other regional age federal government officials were among members of the delegation.

Minister of Lowlands and Irrigation, Aisha Mohammed stated during the event that the Awash River has enormous potential for developing vast tracts of farmland in the region noting the efforts being exerted to make the Tendaho Irrigation Dam, which is built on the Awash River to develop 60,000 hectares of land, fully operational.

The Tendaho Irrigation Dam is a massive infrastructure development project, according to Minister of Water and Energy Habtamu Itefa, who also promised to expeditiously finish the remaining operations surrounding the dam.

Minister of Agriculture, Girma Amente underlined the dam’s significance in terms of its ability to harvest agricultural products all year round in all kinds of weather and stated that the region has enormous agricultural potential that would make beneficial not only the region but the entire nation.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Norway Pledges Continued Support for Ethiopia’s Green Development Efforts

Addis Ababa: Norway has announced that it will continue its assistance for the government of Ethiopia’s efforts to fight climate change through green development.

Mari Martinsen, adviser of Climate, Environment and Forest at the Norwegian Embassy told ENA that Ethiopia and Norway have maintained a robust relationship in the battle against the effects of climate change, ever since the launch of Climate Resilient Green Economy Strategy in Durban in 2011.

The government of Norway has also been providing supports to civic society organizations and research institutions that are engaged in the protection of climate change and biodiversity in Ethiopia the adviser noted.

The adviser has also commended the efforts being carried out in the protection of biodiversity citing the Green Legacy Initiative.

According to her, the Green Legacy Initiative demonstrates the commitment of Ethiopian government to ensuring green development.

“Green Legacy demonstrates the commitment of Ethiopian government towards green develo
pment manifesting the importance of forestry sector as trees are important instruments in helping to tackle the impacts of climate change.”

Since climate change poses a threat to biodiversity and future generation’s wellbeing, it must receive adequate support from all corners, the adviser underlined.

The adviser also stated that Norway’s climate and environment minister made a commitment to fortify its cooperation with the Ethiopian government on climate-related matters until 2030.

” As per this partnership agreement the government of Norway will continue providing support to Ethiopia’s efforts to mitigate impacts of climate change, forestry development, and food security,” she stated.

The agreement will also allow Ethiopia to tap the financial market of carbon credit and other resources.

She affirmed that Norway’s government will continue to assist the development of forests in Ethiopia, pointing out that two of the 36 areas with notable successes in biodiversity protection worldwide are in Ethiopia.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

PM Abiy Inaugurates Boarding School Built For Visually Impaired Persons

Addis Ababa: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has today inaugurated ‘Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubark’ boarding school built in Addis Ababa by the Office of the First Lady for visually impaired persons.

The boarding school was built with the support obtained from Sheikha Fatima, the mother of Sheihk Mohammed bin Zayed, the President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The school, that will receive students of grade 9 to 12, encompasses vital services convenient for visually impaired students including classrooms, cafeteria, library and other state of the art facilities.

Prime Minister Abiy said on the occasion that Office of The First Lady has previously built 34 schools across the country that are mainly rendering services to people with low income.

‘On the occasion of the inauguration of the Sheika Fatima Bint Mubarak School for the Blind I would like to extend my congratulations to First Lady Zinash Tayachew for the fruition of a citizen centered establishment putting the vulnerable at heart, following the success o
f the schools built throughout the nation through the Office of the First Lady,’ the premier stated.

Abiy said learning from the success of this school for the blind, stressing the need to make sure that city infrastructure we build needs to pay attention to the needs of those with disabilities.

The newly inaugurated state of the art and very unique boarding school will receive more than 300 blind students from across the country, the premier said.

Noting that the government’s development projects focus on citizens with low income, Abiy affirmed that development projects being carried out in Ethiopia aimed at benefiting citizens with low income will continue to intensify.

He also extended gratitude to Sheika Fatima Bint Mubarak for the support extended to this noble cause,

First Lady Zinash Tayachew for her part said the development projects being undertaken by the office of the first lady aim at easing the burden of low income segment of the society.

She extended gratitude to all that contribute to the
successful implementation of the project including Sheikha Ftima.

Kelifa Mubarek, Humanity Department Chancellor at the University of Sheihk Mohammed bin Zayed said representing Sheikha Fatima that UAE and Ethiopia are enjoying strong bilateral relations and the newly inaugurated boarding school is the manifestation of this cordial partnership.

The bilateral relations of the two countries have been strengthening particularly following the official visit made by President Sheihk Mohammed bin Zayed in 2018 to Ethiopia.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

Scamming: A way out of misery for youths in the crisis hit regions of Cameroon?

By Veronica Maya

‘You can be with someone you’ve known for years and out of the blues, that person comes to you with a car and all the luxury.Then you begin asking yourself where and how your mate got such money’ Dimitri Kamdem a 25 year old youth living in Bamenda, chief town of the North West region of Cameroon wondered.

It is now a norm to see youths aged 20-25 driving round the city of Bamenda with luxurious vehicles amongst which the Toyota and Hyundai brands. This to the amazement of all who are expressing worries over the influence these youths are having on the few who choose to get rich by getting a job and earning a wage at the end of the month.

These ‘Scammers’ are constantly on the spotlight as though canvassing for more recruits to join their league ‘Many of my friends are into scamming and they have stopped coming to school.They now pay other people to follow up their studies and get busy making money.’ Dimitri adds that these youth most of whom boys have been divided into two categories (the
straight and twisted scammers). Straight because they sell fake items online like spare parts and dogs and twisted because they go beyond the physical which sometimes scare him.

Nadine Mbah, a journalism graduate residing in Bamenda rather has a very cordial relationship with her scamming friends ‘I have a very good relationship with them. They are very caring and don’t talk me into joining them in what they call their business’

Scamming described as a swindle varries from blackmail to romance scams or selling non existent items. In the case of Bamenda, blackmail, hacking and sale of non existent items are rampant. Kingsley Ngufor, an IT engineer working with the North West branch of the National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies-ANTIC discloses that the cyber crime has grown over the years ‘ In 2022 we had 718 cybercimes reported with 22 cases of identity theft. In 2023, we received 984 complaints only in the North West and there were 32 issues of cyber blackmail with 27 people arrested
most of whom were youth. From January to April 2024, 270 cases were reported and I can assure you that most of them were stolen phones which have been hacked and used to scam people through malicious links and calls to request for money’

The hardship further complicated by the ongoing social unrest in the North West region for about eight years now is the main excuse these youth give for their involvement into scamming. Some have attested haven gotten into scamming to raise money for a proper business. This is what Merveille, a drycleaner in the town shared ‘I knew one guy two years back. He was the eldest in their family and both parents died and no one to help. He dropped from school struggling to send his younger ones. But we all know how the country can be hard.Then he said to himself ‘ I needed just capital to start something which no one could give me. Now that I have the money, I will stop scamming and start a business’ which he did.Today he is able to take care of his siblings.’

The Cameroon law of
December 21, 2010 on cyber security and cybercrime governing the security framework of electronic communication networks and information systems slams jail terms from one to ten years and fines from one million to ten billion on persons found guilty of infringing the law in different domains. But these youth seemingly don’t seem worried as the parade the streets of Bamenda daily with their special Afro ‘dada’ look.

Source: Cameroon News Agency