PowerCom launches tower in Goreangab

Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Peya Mushelenga on Wednesday said the ministry is committed to providing a regulatory framework that enables operators to provide IT services and enhance digitalised capacity in the country.

The minister made these remarks during the launch of the PowerCom Goreangab Tower in the capital.

In a statement issued by the ministry, Mushelenga noted that PowerCom is optimising on its licence to serve the country by providing the highest quality services to citizens.

“PowerCom is obliged to fulfil national responsibilities and ensure that the country’s technical needs are met and that many people have access to information and services, irrespective of their location or social status,” he stated.

He said the construction of each tower is consistent with the infrastructure development aspect of the Harambee Prosperity Plan of the Namibian Government and that the aspect prioritises extending access to information and communication technology, recognising the importance of economic growth.

“Given the role that information and communication technology play in society, access to IT services and facilities is now a necessity, and no longer a luxury,” Mushelenga said.

According to the 2022 Network Readiness Index (NRI) report, Namibia has made significant strides in enhancing online financial accessibility, promoting economic opportunities for women, and increasing patent applications among 131 nations, the minister added.

He encouraged the youth to take advantage of the numerous and diverse opportunities that technology has created and will continue to create.

Source: NAMPA