Cameroonian Lawyer Junior Angabua Chuo Angabua makes history, graduates with master’s in international maritime law

Cameroon celebrates a historic achievement in the legal field as Junior Angabua Chuo Angabua becomes the first Cameroonian lawyer and Public Notary to graduate with a Master of Laws (LLM) in International Maritime Law from the prestigious International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) in Malta, Established under the auspices of the International Maritime Organization a specialised agency of the United Nations, UN.

This accomplishment marks a significant milestone for both Chuo Angabua and Cameroon’s legal landscape. The IMLI is a world-renowned centre for maritime law education and research. Graduating from this esteemed institution signifies Chuo Angabua’s dedication to the field and his expertise in international maritime law.

Chuo Angabua’s impressive journey

Junior Angabua’s legal journey began in 2012 as a law firm intern, specializing in assisting with criminal and civil litigation. Throughout his career, he gained valuable experience working with top-tier law firms and government sectors in both Camero
on and Nigeria. This exposure provided him with a solid foundation and strategic development, ultimately leading him to establish Prime Time Law Offices in 2020.

As a prominent advocate for the Cameroonian maritime flag, Junior’s dedication to the industry shines through. He champions the interests of clients across a broad spectrum of maritime legal issues, including ship registration and compliance, marine insurance disputes, carriage of goods by sea, admiralty and salvage, human rights at sea, maritime regulatory compliance, and even pollution and environmental issues.

The Significance of the IMO-IMLI Program

The IMO-IMLI program is a world-renowned centre for maritime law education. Graduates from the program go on to work in a variety of sectors, including government agencies, shipping companies, and international organizations. Chuo Angabua’s qualification from this esteemed institution will undoubtedly open doors for him in the international maritime legal community.

Looking ahead

Chuo Angabua’s g
raduation is a significant step forward for Cameroon’s legal community. His expertise in international maritime law will be invaluable in promoting the country’s maritime interests and fostering collaboration on a global scale. We can expect Chuo Angabua to play a leading role in shaping the future of maritime law in Cameroon and beyond.

Source: Cameroon News Agency