Bamenda: Former combatant killed by ADF fighters

A former combatant who recently joined the Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration (DDR) program in Bamenda has been killed by his former groyp Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF).

The incident, which occurred in Nchuobuh on Sunday night June 16, 2024, just three weeks after he dropped his weapons.

The Commander of the Separatist group, Dr. Cho Ayaba issued a strong statement warning against betrayal of the Ambazonian cause, stating, ‘Betray Ambazonia and we will get you. LRC should pick up their DDR traitor at Nchuobuh. I send a strong message to all those working for the enemy as traitors in betrayal of Ambazonia to know that we will hunt them down.’

The killing of Fru Isidore Asoba, highlights the complexities surrounding DDR programs and the risks faced by former combatants attempting to leave armed groups. It also underscores the deep divisions and distrust within the Ambazonian separatist movement.

DDR programs aim to facilitate the transition of former combatants into civilian life, but incident
s like these raise questions about their effectiveness in towns where armed groups maintain significant power and influence. Though some former combatants are still surviving after leaving the course.

The killing of the former combatant adds to the challenges of achieving sustainable peace in the Anglophone conflict, which has resulted in years of violence and displacement in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions.

Source: Cameroon News Agency