Web 2.0 MP to vote against extension mandate

Hon. Nourane Foster said she will vote against the bill tabled by President Paul Biya for the mandates of MPs and Local Councils to be extended.

The extension will mean that their mandates will expire in March 2026 instead of March 2025. This will give time for smooth presidential elections, the bill proponents said.

But the opposition sees this as a means to let Paul Biya have his way into the presidency for the umpteenth time Nintcheu says Gov’t afraid of Maurice Kamto – Cameroon News Agency

Hon. Foster of the National Reconciliation Party said that other Cameroonians should be given the chance to lead their communities.

Then she said, she would vote against the bill. ‘I will vote NO because I believe that we need to redistribute the political cards and allow Cameroonians in 2025 to elect new MPs and new Mayors.

My vote out of 175 others will represent nothing but I will still vote NO.

‘After 4 years already in parliament, I feel I have given my all, I have paid the price for my ambitions, there is no
t 1 cm of my body without scars, to be a politician in Cameroon in this environment is almost to become a Martyr, the attacks are personal, the shots are aimed below the belt, plots, and betrayals are part of your daily life, the overwhelming majority in parliament dictates the Law, Moreover Democracy is simply the dictatorship of the majority.’

Source: Cameroon News Agency