47 HRC Session – Eritrea’s Statement on Draft Resolution HRC_47_L.14 July 12, 2021

Once again, Eritrea is facing the usual ritual that characterized the unjust and unfair treatment by some western countries with the hard-line positions against Eritrea in the pretext of human rights. The futile political ill-intent remains vilification, isolation, and destabilization of the nation. Moreover, the politicized HRC resolutions and mechanisms

Activity assessment meeting of youth in Juba

The YPFDJ organization in Juba, South Sudan, conducted an activity assessment meeting on 11 July. At the meeting, the participants conducted extensive discussion on the strengths and challenges of the organization and on the charted out programs and adopted various recommendations. Speaking at the event, the Eritrean Ambassador in South

General knowledge competition in SRS Region

“Buya” general knowledge competition was conducted in the Southern Red Sea Region in which 73 youth took part. According to Mr. Osman Abdulkadir, head of the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students branch in the region, the objective of the competition was to develop the knowledge of the youth

Greening popular campaign in Central Region

Planting of one million tree seedlings and redressing the environment popular campaign has been conducted in the Central Region on 13 and 14 July under the theme “Strong Effort for Greening Campaign”. The popular campaign was conducted in the areas of Biet-Gergis, Balineki, and Mai-Surwa. Indicating that they have been

President Isaias receives credentials of several Ambassadors

President Isaias Afwerki received at Denden Guest House in the morning hours of today, 15 July credentials of 11 Resident and Non-Resident Ambassadors. The Resident Ambassadors that submitted their credentials are Mr. Cai Ge, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Marco Mancini, Ambassador of the Italian Republic, Ms.

Traditional Inoculation Practices

Editor’s Note: This article is an abridged version of an academic article published in the ‘Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology’ (January-March 2021 Issue), DOI: 10.5897/ JPHE2020.1252, titled ‘Traditional Inoculation Practices that led to the Development of Modern Vaccination Techniques: A Review.’ Vaccination is the administration of a biological preparation

“It’s not Over Until it’s Over”

Our guests today are Amanuel Gebregziabhier and Merhawi Kudus, Eritrean cyclists who are living their dreams. They are set to go to Tokyo to compete at the 2020 Olympics, which had to be put off last year due to COVID-19. (In the next issue of Eritrea Profile we will have