16,693 Cataract Patients Operated in 2022

Cataract disease is common globally owing to malnutrition, long-term exposure to intense light, ocular injuries, and aging. Cataract can result in total blindness if left untreated. Due to technological practical and economical impossibilities, millions of cataract sufferers worldwide are unable to undergo surgery. Many people who are unable to have surgery must continue their lives as dependents.

IHH’s cataract surgery initiatives that began in 2007 in Africa under the slogan “If You See It, They Will See It” have extended to 20 countries in Africa and Asia. As a consequence of the initiatives, 100,000 patients underwent surgery in the first decade from 2007 to 2017 and tens of thousands of individuals have regained their vision.

To date, 173,693 surgeries have been performed

In 2022, IHH continued its cataract operations, restoring the sight to 16,693 people across 8 countries. Surgeries was carried out in Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Niger, India, Uganda and Syria.

In addition to the surgical procedures, 47,479 eye examinations and 66,563 medical scans were also conducted. By the end of 2022, IHH will have conducted a total of 173,693 surgeries, with 863,886 medical screenings. In addition, health workers from Turkey transfer their expertise and experience to the local doctors and health workers in the region as part of the initiative.

To support

Donors who want to support IHH’s cataract project can contribute 10 TL by typing CATARACT from all operators and sending an SMS to 3072. Those who want to donate higher amounts can support them via IHH’s website or by writing CATARACT in the description section of their bank accounts.

Source: IHH

Activity assessment meeting of NCEW Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers conducted activity assessment meeting of 2022 and plan of action for 2023.

At the meeting conducted from 4 to 6 January, the executive committee reviewed the activities implemented by all organs of the workers confederation including labor relations, foreign relations, various training programs provided at the Massawa Training Center with a view to develop the capacity of workers, public relations as well as administration and finance.

According to the report presented at the meeting, in 2022 commendable training programs have been organized and new training centers have been established in Barentu and Keren.

The Executive committee also discussed on the importance of developing relations with various national and global organizations and professional associations as well as for the sustainability of vocational and administrative training programs.

Mr. Kibreab Kidane, Deputy General Secretary of the national confederation, said that organizing training programs to youth workers is one of the priority tasks of the national confederation for 2023 and called for reinforced participation of partners for the successful implementation of the program.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information