June 2, 2022

The Legacy of Women’s Participation in the Eritrean Liberation Movement

In their struggle for gender equality, women have adopted different forms of resistance against oppression and domination owing to the differences in the political, social, and economic systems that govern nations. Generally, whereas women in the North mainly resist patriarchy, women in the South, industrially developing nations, have been resisting

Expansion and development of social service provision institutions

Col. Gebrehans Woldgergis, Director General of Social Service at the Central Region, reported that a strong effort has been exerted to expand and develop social service provision institutions in the region. Indicating that pre-independence the number of educational institutions that were 85 across the region has currently increased to over

Independence Day celebration in Washington DC

Nationals residing in Washington and its environs celebrated the 31st anniversary of Independence Day under the theme “Independent Choice-Backbone of Our Pride”. The week-long celebratory event featured various programs including cultural and artistic performances and the distribution of pamphlets explaining the deep meaning of Independence Day to nationals among others. The