Yaounde City Council accused of violating advertising laws

By Charity Nginyu

The Association of Advertising Managers of Cameroon (ARPC) has raised concerns over alleged violations of advertising laws by the Yaounde City Council.

According to a press release issued by the ARPC, banners in Yaoundé have been spotted, intimidating and pressuring advertisers to pay advertising display rights exclusively to accredited advertising agencies approved by the Yaounde City Council.

In response, the President of ARPC emphasized that such practices are both anti-competitive and illegal, lacking any legal basis within Cameroon’s current laws and regulations governing advertising.

Citing articles 10 and 5(2) of the law passed on December 29, 2006, the ARPC noted that advertisers have the freedom to choose their advertising agency, as long as it is duly approved by the Minister of Communication.

The ARPC highlights the violation of legality, pointing out that any accreditation or approvals issued by an authority other than the Minister of Communication are unlawful. Moreover, it references Law No. 98/013 of July 14, 1998, which prohibits practices aimed at restricting competition within the internal market, including those witnessed in this instance.

Going further, the President of the ARPC urged stakeholders within the advertising sub-sector to remain calm and resist misinformation or intimidation tactics.

The association says it has initiated contact with relevant authorities, including the Minister of Communication, the Minister of Local Development, and the National Competition Commission, to denounce what it perceives as ‘anti-competitive practices’.

The Yaounde City Council is however yet to officially react to the recent outburst by the said association.

Source: Cameroon News Agency