Separatists kill two men for violating lockdown in Buea

Buea subdivision hit the headlines again on Friday, September 15, 2023, after gunmen suspected to be Separatist fighters opened fire on a private car heading to the heart of the subdivision.

“It happened just now in Mile 16, those two guys were going to Buea, it is Ambazonians who attacked them like that and killed them, they said that no movements until Saturday,” someone who had knowledge of the incident said.

The two victims came from Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon.

They were heading to Buea until they were sent to their early graves when Separatists came out of the bushes and fired shots at them. They died on the spot.

The incident happened days after three men were killed in Muea, a district in Buea. The men who said they were forces from Fako Mountain Lions, said they were enforcing a lockdown that was initiated by the Diaspora Separatists to thwart school resumption.

Incidents also happened in Kumba 3 where a kill was killed by a stray bullet while in Limbe, a biker was killed by an explosion this September.

Two drivers were killed in Ikiliwindi this week and their car was set on fire. A survivor escaped by struck of luck.

Source: Cameroon News Agency