Outreach cements commitment to EMEA with new data centre in Ireland

The company’s first European data centre enables EMEA customers to go beyond GDPR requirements to meet stringent data residency requirements including ISO 27701 data privacy certification

LONDON, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Outreach, the sales execution platform helping revenue organizations deliver efficient, predictable growth, opened a dedicated EU data centre in Dublin, Ireland, to support its EMEA customers go beyond GDPR requirements to meet stringent data residency requirements. This cements Outreach’s commitment towards helping its global customers adhere to tight privacy regulations.

The new data centre helps Outreach achieve customers’ data residency within the European Union. Hosted in Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) regional data centre in Dublin, it stores customer-owned data associated with Outreach instances. These include prospects, accounts, organisations, and workflow data such as sequences, calls, and meetings contained within the EU infrastructure, all of which are processed using Outreach.

Outreach EMEA customers who opt in to the new data centre will be able to use Outreach Engage, Outreach’s sales engagement platform that enables organisations to maximise prospecting productivity and continuously optimize their sales execution. With proven engagement workflows that turn insights into actions, Outreach Engage helps sellers make the best decisions to advance their deals across every moment of the sales cycle.

Outreach plans to introduce additional features and services, including Outreach Insights reports, Outreach Commit and Outreach Guide, to its new data centre to optimize sales execution across its customer base in EMEA. This will enable salespeople all over EMEA to capitalise on sales automation and buyer sentiment to deliver tailored services to their prospects.

“Our new data centre  allows European sales leaders and their teams to drive growth with an intelligent system that meets the most rigorous data security and privacy requirements in the world,” said Manny Medina, chief executive officer and co-founder at Outreach. “Over the past two years, we opened our UK office and Prague innovation centre, and launched a series of EMEA-focused features, including support in 18 languages and multiple currencies, as well as local schedule-based sequence setup to allow for different workweek configurations and holiday support. Our new data centre is the latest addition to our ongoing support for our European customers so they can capitalise on the full potential of our sales execution products and services.”

Outreach is committed to meeting rigorous data security and data privacy requirements as supported by key independent third party certifications. The Outreach Sales Execution Platform already meets key requirements of the EU and UK GDPR. Outreach is also one of the first within its category to meet ISO 27701 data privacy certification to demonstrate compliance with GDPR and other data protection regulations. The additional provision of a data centre within the EU ensures that businesses operating in the EU that require data residency within the same geography as part of the security and privacy policies can do so using Outreach Engage.

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