Mbouda: 20-year-old in need of human blood bites, eats baby’s flesh

A 20-year-old man is now in police custody after biting and eating the flesh of a 1-year-old baby in Mbouda, West Region.

The incident happened over the weekend in Ntouo, a neighborhood in Bamessingue village in Mbouda subdivision of the West Region.

The man whose name we got as Tchinda, confessed in a video now making the rounds on social media, that he “needed human blood to save his life” and so decided to take on the innocent baby by biting him twice on the chin and on the stomach and eating the flesh.

After being caught and tied by locals, the flesh-eater cried for help from onlookers.

“I won’t eat a child again, please help deliver me. Untie me please, I won’t escape” Tchinda can be heard pleading in the video.

“They were trying to take me away. I came and saw my brother, explaining to him the situation in which I found myself so that he could help save me but he did not care. I told him I was in danger, that they were asking me (for) human blood or I (would) die. One of my brothers said he would pray for me (but) I denied, requesting the presence of my mother” added the flesh eater.

The baby whom Tchinda bit and ate, also happens to be his nephew (his own brother’s child).

The baby’s life was only saved thanks to the intervention of the population and taken to a health facility for medical attention.

Source: Cameroon News Agency