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Limbe set for spectacular opening of FENASSCO ‘A’ Games

By Charity Nginyu

In anticipation of the 24th Edition of the National Finals of the FENASSCO ‘A’ Games, Limbe is buzzing with excitement as it gears up to host what promises to be the most memorable edition yet.

Paul Efome Ngale today April 2, was bestowed with the honor of receiving the torch from the esteemed hands of Minister of Secondary Education, Professor Nalova Lyonga, and Professor Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, Minister of Sports and Physical Education.

A spectacular and popular mobilization saw the city adorned in vibrant colors, setting the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable sporting extravaganza.

The day’s festivities included the grand inauguration of the FENASSCO ‘A’ monument, symbolizing the unity and spirit of competition that defines the prestigious event.

Additionally, the Olympic Flame made its triumphant journey through the streets of Limbe municipality, igniting the passion and enthusiasm of onlookers.

The Omnisports Stadium in Limbe is set to come alive on Wednesday, April 3r
d, 2024, as students from across the nation converge to showcase their talent and determination on the grandest stage of the FENASSCO ‘A’ Games.

Source: Cameroon News Agency