Kavango East Governor’s office renders assistance to food poisoning victims’ families

The Kavango East Regional Council has donated eight tents to the families of the 16 people who died as a result of food poisoning at Kayova village this week.

In an interview with Nampa on Thursday, Kavango East Governor Bonifasius Wakudumo said the donation forms part of the support initiatives from society towards the burials of the deceased, including the Office of the Prime Minister’s assistance of food and coffins, as well as the Namibian Defence Force, which provided transport.

“This is a national catastrophe and it needs efforts from everyone to ensure that we give our people who departed a befitting burial,” said Wakudumo.

The governor, along with other members of the regional council, visited the family of the deceased on Wednesday and described the situation at the home as calm but said that it is clearly visible that the family is in bereavement.

The Office of the Regional Director issued a statement on Thursday saying that the total number of people involved in the food poisoning incident was revised from the initial 18 to 24, with the youngest being a one-year-old child and the oldest, 33 years old.

To date, 16 people have died, two of whom succumbed to the food poisoning at Nyangana District Hospital.

According to the statement, only one person is admitted at the Rundu Intermediate Hospital, while seven people are at Nyangana District Hospital.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency