House Urges Media to Play Active Role for Successful Conduct of Nat’l Dialogue

Addis Ababa: Ethiopian media should consolidate their efforts for the successful conduct of the dialogue processes by allocating sufficient time and providing extensive coverage, House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) Democracy Affair Standing Committee Chairperson Ewnetu Alene underscored.

The Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission organized today a discussion forum with media representatives on further strengthening their work on the dialogue processes.

During the discussion, Ewnetu emphasized the responsibility and crucial role they play by the public and private media in achieving the national dialogue process during the coming months.

All the public and private media houses in Ethiopia need to allocate sufficient time as well as resources and provide extensive coverage to the dialogue process, he stressed, adding “Considering the critical significance of the national dialogue, the media should even work more.”

The national dialogue is an opportunity for the country to solve its challenges, he added.

The National Dialogue Commissioner, Ambassador Mahmoud Diriron his part underscored that the media has critical role in facilitating public participation and consensus building throughout the dialogue process. He noted that Ethiopia has embarked on national dialogue processes to address the major challenges facing the country and reach consensus through discussions.

The Ethiopian National Dialogue Commission is one of the essential institutions created to find a lasting solution to the existing political polarization and other pressing issues of the country, it was learned.

In this regard, the media has essential functions, the commissioner said, adding that it plays significant role in achieving set objectives by the commission.

‘The media sector is our major stakeholder to make this national dialogue process successful. And its role is immense in achieving the objectives of the consultation,’ he stated.

The media outlets have also been urged to provide accurate and balanced information that would foster
a spirit of national unity and create space for constructive dialogue, it was indicated.

The commissioner also recalled the successful completion of participants and coordinators identification in ten regions and the two city administrations.

Training program for coordinators of the national dialogue in the Amhara region were conducted, he said, adding that similar activities are set to commence in the Tigray region.

Established in 2022, the National Dialogue Commission aims to address key national issues to achieve lasting peace and reconciliation, bringing together diverse range of stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency