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Hike in fuel pump was inevitable-Biya emphasizes to youths

By Eratus Ndueh

Paul Biya in his traditional message to the youths on February 10, 2024 expressed his concern over the rising tensions which have been prevailing in the country, following the increase in fuel prices and regretted that it was unavoidable.

However, reassuring them on the requisite effort which has been taken by the government to maintain the adjustment at a reasonable level, the president said he was aware of the preoccupying impact that it could have on their living conditions.

But resolute in leveraging the burden on his compatriots, the head of state instructed the freezing of the prices of cooking gas and kerosene in order to capacitate household purchasing power.

‘You should know that this operation was inevitable, owing to the current budget constraints and our desire to avert shortages’ pronounced president Paul Biya.

Apart from the various support measures decided by the government, constructive discussions are ongoing between the Government and its social partners, that is believe
d will bring forth palpable solutions to deal with the ever growing preoccupations which is not only affecting young Cameroonians but the entire nation.

Also, constructive measures are being put in place to preserve the viability of the activities of the relevant sectors and the interests of users and consumers.

How to combat overspending on fuel

Fuel prices may be on the rise, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend more than your comfortable just to operate your vehicle. Let’s walk you through some measures to take in managing your finances effectively amidst price hikes.

Fix a budget for fuel: Allocate a specific portion of your monthly income to fuel expenses. Sticking to a dedicated amount not only promotes financial transparency but also prevents budgetary surprises. So if you’re going to set 10% aside for fuel money, do your best to avoid going beyond that.

Practice fuel-efficient driving habits: Modifying your driving behavior can help conserve fuel and contribute to a greener environment. For inst
ance, observe gradual acceleration, gradual braking, steady speeds, and proper vehicle maintenance.

Monitor fuel prices: Keeping an eye on fuel price trends and refueling during periods of lower costs can lead to substantial savings over time. Be sure to keep with up the local news for announcements of price hikes. Staying informed helps you time your fuel station visits accordingly.

Take advantage of discounts: Capitalizing on loyalty cards offered by major oil companies and their retail partners can provide valuable discounts and future fuel benefits.

Source: Cameroon News Agency