Gov’t Underlines Need for Investigation of Alleged Aid Misuse or Diversions

The Government of Ethiopia has condemned misuse of aid and stressed the need for investigation of allegations of misuse or diversions.

In a presser it released today, the Ethiopian Disaster Risk Management Commission stated that “the way forward comprises continuing taking resolute actions to ensure accountability and installing safeguards solely based on mutual understanding and humanitarian objectives.”

The government has been working with the UN and other bilateral and multilateral partners to facilitate aid delivery and accelerate post-conflict recovery programs, the pressed added.

Moreover, the government has a coordinated system among the relevant agencies and is cooperating with the donor community to ensure that aid reaches the beneficiaries.

According to the commission, the Pretoria Peace Agreement has created a safe and conducive environment for sustained, and unimpeded humanitarian access to communities affected by the conflict.

Condemning therefore any misuse of aid, it noted that the government has a track record of holding those found responsible for abuse accountable and is working with regional authorities in ensuring accountability.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency