Gov’t Encourages Strong Private Sector Engagement in Its Effort to Realizing Digital Ethiopia

Addis Ababa: Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen Tiruneh called on the private sector to play a leading role in realizing Ethiopia’s digital transformation.

A panel discussion focused on Ethiopia’s digital economy was held at the Science Museum today in the presence of the deputy prime minister as well as senior government officials and stakeholders in the technology sector.

Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen said that since digital Ethiopia is inevitable, the country has embarked on implementing important initiatives that would pave the way for inclusive growth in the global digital economy.Currently, Ethiopia is executing a digital transformation strategy to harness technological driven economic growth and propel the East African nation towards an innovative and sustainable economy.

Explaining the reasons why it is necessary to speed up digitization for Ethiopia, Temesgen underscored that digitalization can play a leading role in accelerating the country’s growth.

Additionally, the deputy prime minister said dig
italization would help to improve the delivery of public services and empower the governance system.

It has also become an important tool for citizen engagement, and improved quality of life, he revealed.

Mentioning that Ethiopia has the potential to build a digital economy, for instance, Temesgen stated that it is a country with young people who are eager for technological innovation.

At the policy level, the deputy premier mentioned that ICT is being reinforced in Ethiopia as one of the five main pillars of the economy in the ten-year development plan.

In this regard, he indicated that massive infrastructure activities have been carried out.

In Digital Ethiopia 2025, the country is striving for ensuring inclusive development, he noted.Recalling that the government has established a Digital Transformation Council to make it a reality for the sector, Temesgen pointed out that one of its priorities is to strengthen the coordination process by increasing the participation of the private sector.

In this re
gard, the Deputy Prime Minister called on the private sector to play a leading role in attaining Ethiopia’s digital transformation.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency