Gov’t Committed to Support AI Products to Achieve Excellence in Digital Transformation

Addis Ababa: Efforts are being made with a view to achieving excellence in digital transformation in Ethiopia by supporting products of artificial intelligence (AI), Deputy Prime Minister Temesenge Tiruneh remarked.

Robot Desta performed a musical performance with the distinguished Jazz musician, Mulatu Astatke last night.

The Deputy PM, high ranking government officials, technology innovators and other invited guests were in attendance at the event.

On the occasion, Deputy PM Temesgen said Ethiopia is working to accelerate the transformation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology transfer.

Temesgen mentioned the importance of AI in tackling the complex challenges facing African nations, including Ethiopia, and said that the government is exerting efforts to accelerate the growth of the sector and other digital alternatives by establishing Digital Transformation Council and taking other crucial measures.

Thus, he continued, the country’s digital transformation will be intensified through accelera
ting the development of AI technologies like Robot Desta.Director General of Ethiopia’s Artificial Intelligence Institute, Worku Gachena for his part described the significance of AI in supporting the ongoing digital transformation process in the country citing efforts being made to use AI in the development of agriculture, health, education, industry parks and other economic sectors.

The Musical performance was organized by Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute and iCog Labs in partnership with Ethiopian Airlines and Ethio-telecom.

Robot Desta has been made to speak Amharic, demonstrates other feelings including happiness.

Desta delivered a speech in Amharic at the event.

Robot Desta, which is in display at the Science Museum, has been developed by Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute and iCog Labs in collaboration with other institutions.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency