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Czech Republic Wants to Build Long-term Partnership with Ethiopia

Addis Ababa March 17/2023 /ENA/ Czech Republic wants to have an economic relations aimed at building a long-term partnership with Ethiopia, First Deputy Minister of Czech Republic Foreign Affairs Iri Kozak said

Briefing journalists, First Deputy Minister Kozak said that his visit to Ethiopia demonstrates his country’s commitment to foster cooperation.

The Czech Republic is desirous to further strengthen bilateral relations with Ethiopia in the potential fields of cooperation such as security, economy, education as well as scientific and research cooperation, the First Deputy Minister stated.

“What we see as a potential field of cooperation is security, economic relations. Education is very important scientific and research relations, cooperation with universities, exchange of students, also very important for us,” he pointed out.

Czech Republic wants to have healthy economic relations, Kozak stated, adding that an economic relations aimed at building a long-term partnership which is based on investment and cooperation with local communities.

Kozak noted “investment in agriculture is also one of the areas where Czech Republic and Ethiopia can have a long-term cooperation. We have many companies who have skills with equipment and we can partner in these areas.”

Furthermore, he said that Czech Agriculture University has been active in Ethiopia, and added “we can extend this cooperation and help Ethiopia prepare itself for the future challenges by being more independent in supplies.”

“We are now reviewing our programs for the next period and we are preparing programs; for example in the areas of water treatment, agriculture, these are the areas which are important for us, but we have discussed with local authorities, national authorities about what can be done in the future and how the development programs should look like,” he explained.

Speaking of the implementation progress of the Pretoria peace agreement, the First Deputy Minister noted “We appreciate how well the government and the whole country have been reacting and we appreciate the development that has been made.”

“We very much appreciate the development that Ethiopia is undergoing. We see a positive sign after the peace agreement last year, and we are optimistic about the future. That is why we are here to talk about the potential for cooperation,” he added.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency