Commuters stranded as bad roads render Douala-Dschang route impassable

Travel along the Douala-Dschang route has come to a standstill, leaving commuters stranded overnight as deteriorating road conditions block passage between the West Region and major cities.

At Souza in the Moungo Division of the Littoral Region, a backlog of vehicles has formed due to a large hole rendering the road impassable. Passengers who embarked on journeys from Dschang to Douala or Buea yesterday have found themselves stuck, with vehicles unable to progress.

The situation demands urgent attention, given the critical role this route plays in facilitating economic activities. Despite claims of significant investment in infrastructure, roads vital for transporting goods and facilitating development are rapidly deteriorating.

Truck operators, in particular, express concern over the negative impact on transportation and the urgent need for effective measures to address the crumbling road network.

Source: Cameroon News Agency