Blinken’s Visit to Ethiopia Revitalizes Ethio-U.S Relations: Professor Brook Hailu

Addis Ababa March 17/2023 /ENA/ Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Ethiopia has revitalized the lately stagnant relations between Ethiopia and the United States, Professor Brook Hailu of the African Leadership Excellence Academy told ENA.

According to the senior advisor at the academy, the visit has revived the stagnant relations between Ethiopia and the United States of America.

Despite the brief period of unenthusiastic relationship, the longstanding 120 years relationship of Ethiopia and U.S.A has been mostly good, he added.

Stating that the two countries have been strategic partners on various bilateral and international relations, the professor noted that Ethiopia was the first African country to open its embassy in the U.S during the reign of Emperor Hale Selassie I.

And the United States also opened its first Consulate General, commonly known as American Gibi, in Africa around Mercato in Addis Ababa.

Professor Brook said that most of the history of relations between Ethiopia and America is good. He mentioned that the armies of the countries had fought along side in peacekeeping missions in Korea and Congo.

America had also a military base in the former Ethiopian province of Eritrea as the countries had strong military and agricultural relations.

However, the relationship between the two countries stalled during the Cold War and America did not have an ambassador in Ethiopia during the Derg military regime.

Following the recent reform in Ethiopia, Professor Brook said Ethio-U.S relations has been good despite the lately brief period of stagnation.

The role of the recent visit of Secretary Blinken to Ethiopia in boosting the countries relationship is crucial and it shows the firm commitment of the U.S to revive the longstanding relations between the two sides, he noted.

Recall that Blinken revealed that the two countries have agreed to elevate their bilateral and regional partnership.

The state secretary also announced over 331 million USD in new humanitarian assistance for Ethiopia in FY 2023 through the Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency