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Adwa Victory Memorial Museum Will Engrave Victory in Hearts and Conscience of Africans

Addis Ababa: The Adwa Victory Memorial Museum will contribute to perpetuating the memory of Adwa and engraving in the hearts and conscience of Africans, African Minerals and Geosciences Centre (AMGC) Director-General Ibrahim Shaddad told ENA.

He noted that “the Ethiopian government built the museum so that it remains in the conscience of all Africans because Adwa is not a battle in a specific region, in Ethiopia, but rather the battle of all Africans for liberation.”

It was a source of inspiration and encouragement for all African countries and their peoples to liberate themselves from European settler colonialism, he added.

“Therefore, Ethiopia is present in the hearts of all Africans as a symbol of independence. (And) that is why it became the headquarters of African liberation.”

Shaddad explained that the battle had brought together all Ethiopian nationalities. ‘Menelik II, with his military forces from all Ethiopian nationalities, was able to defeat them (the colonialists) overwhelmingly in the Battle
of Adwa, in which all Ethiopian nationalities participated.’

The director-general further emphasized the role of the Battle of Adwa in making Ethiopia a political destination and a destination for liberation.

“Ethiopia’s overwhelming victory in the Battle of Adwa against the Italian invasion made all Africans consider Ethiopia a political destination and a destination for liberation. Therefore, the African people decided to make Addis Ababa their capital and to be a platform for unity, which developed and became the African Union.”

As a result, most heads of state flock to Addis Ababa and have made Addis Ababa a stronghold for African diplomacy. The Organization of African Unity was formed and is still in Addis Ababa to continue economic and political liberalization and achieve food security for all African countries.

Shaddad also recalled the pioneering role Ethiopia played in supporting the liberation movements in Africa.

“Ethiopia helped liberation movements in Africa through various political and mil
itary means, training and weapons. Therefore, all Africans have the greatest affection and gratitude towards Ethiopia for its help in liberating their countries from European colonialism, to the point that many African countries adopted the Ethiopian flag.”

Moreover, he praised the efforts made by Ethiopia to achieve political stability in most of the countries of the continent.

Considering its better position in economic and social development as well as security, it can also contribute to economic, all political and security of Africa, the director-general noted.

Shaddad thanked the Ethiopian government, people, and institutions for what they are doing for the African continent, stressing the need to complete political and economic liberation and food security for all African people.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency