World Teachers Day observed

Asmara, World Teachers Day was observed at national level on 4 October at the National Association of Eritrean Teachers Hall here in the capital under the theme Young Teachers-the Future of Profession.

At the ceremony in which heads of the Ministry of Education and teachers representatives took part, Mr. Simon Mehari, chairman of the teachers association, said that the World Teachers Day that is being observed for the 26th time at international level and for the 23rd time at national level reminds for exerting strong effort for nurturing competent generation that could assume responsibility of nation building.

Indicating that the day is in which teachers renew their pledge to look to the future, Mr. Simon said that young teachers are the future of profession and called for creating conducive working atmosphere.

Mr. Petros Hailemariam, D. G. of Research and Human Resources Development, representing the Minister of Education called on the teachers association to organize sustainable training programs with a view to upgrade the profession of young teachers.

Dr. Tedros Seyum and Dr. Saleh Mahumd also presented research papers.

The National Association of Eritrean Teachers has about 18 thousand members and has is member of the Global and African Teachers Association since 1996.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information