Workshop on improving quality of seeds

Barentu, A workshop aimed at improving the quality of crop seeds through applying various methods was conducted in Barentu on 6 August.

At the workshop that was attended by representatives of farmers and agricultural experts, Mr. Hagos Gebremariam, head of seeds quality control in the region, said that the objective of the workshop was to increase the understanding of farmers so that they use quality and draught and diseases resistant seeds and thereby boost agricultural production.

Indicating that developing select seeds and strengthening quality control have significant contribution in boosting agricultural production, Mr. Kesete Eyob and Zenawi Tesfabrhan, agricultural experts, called on farmers to apply the advice they are provided by agricultural experts in their daily farming activities.

The participants on their part adopted various recommendations that could have important input in the effort to develop and control crops seeds and called for regular and timely quality control activities and follow-up by agricultural experts.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information