Workshop on ensuring mother and child health

Barentu, The Ministry of Health branch in Gash Barka region organized a workshop on 2 and 3 October in Barentu aimed at integrating effort to ensure mother and child health.

Indicating that the Ministry of Health has been exerting commendable effort in cooperation with stakeholders to ensure the health of society in general and that of mother and child in particular, Dr. Haielom Kidane, head of the branch office, said that the achievement so far registered attests to the strong effort conducted.

At the workshop, Mr. Berhane Abraha gave briefing on the effort conducted and the progress registered in ensuring mother and child health. In is report, Mr. Berhane indicating that location of the health facilities as well as the low awareness of the public on health issues and harmful practices have been the main challenges, and expressed expectation that the workshop will contribute in addressing the challenges.

Research papers were presented by experts focusing situation on mother and child health at national and global level.

Pointing out on the timely of the workshop, Dr. Berhana Haile, Director of Community and Family Health at the Ministry of Health, expressed readiness of the ministry play due part in the effort being conducted to ensure mother and child health in the region.

Brig. Gen. Tekle Kiflai, Commander of the Western Command, and the Governor of the Gash Barka region, Mr. Abraha Garza on their part indicating the importance of raising the awareness of the public and members of the Defense Forces on health issues and that the meningitis vaccination set to be conducted in October and November will have significant contribution to that effect.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information