Why still skirmishes in South Sudan?

In theory, the war in South Sudan ended with the formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity. However, the recent deadly skirmishes, particularly in the towns of Kajo-Keji and Raja, will make one think otherwise.

There are several compounding reasons for such sad events, which often result into lost of lives, destruction of properties, and destabilization of the country.

First, Dr. Riek Machar, a militia leader, currently First Vice President, after committing mass murder, hyped his rebellion of two years old by over promising his supporters with most upper positions in government, since he believes he would be automatically the president through his tribal magician prediction of twentieth century.

Unfortunately, amidst the hype, he is being glorified by the international community, praised by his tribal loyalty, and overly misunderstood by the opportunists.

So, when the South Sudanese Compromised peace was signed, the reality began to show. The tribal rebellion of militant Dr. Riek Machar that was centred and was so confined and was on a verge of defeat in the so-called Greater Upper Nile is now popping up in Greater Bahr-el-Ghazel and Greater Equatoria.

Machar never fulfil the pledge he made to his opportunistic supporters. He is accused of being not just tribalistic, but practicing nepotism into the core; in a country that needs unity so much at the moment. In simple words, his opportunistic supporters are saying: he is running the militia outfit as a family affair. His Ex-wife, Angelina Teny, is the top adviser. The one called Gen. Taban Deng Gai, who is Angelina’s cousin is top political leader, and he is the overall boss. It must be noted that the trio grew up in the same household of Angelina’s father, who was a teacher and undertook Machar under his armed when Machar came from the village for studies.

Since, then, Machar has subjected the people of Nassar and the whole Nuer tribe for senseless war for his ascendancy to power. There is now ongoing serious talks among Nuer intellectuals who recognize the sovereignty of South Sudan to stop Machar antagonism and sense of betrayal.

Another issue that is needed to be underlined is that since Machar declared cantonment of his troops in Greater Bahr-el-Ghazel and Greater Equatoria, the sleeper cells ignited in these regions, but unfortunately for them, they have no positions or they actually lost the positions which Machar once promised them. Now they are continuing with the war, while peace is given a chance.

It is now the responsibility of the government to deal with such outlaw groups, for Machar to contain them, and then for the so proposed hybrid court to note their atrocities; under whose command they are operating, and take actions or there will never be justice and accountability or peace in the country.

South Sudan stability is within grasp of its people, but it is time to identify the spoilers, especially those with long track record and stem them out. And the South Sudanese people, with their determination will fulfil such a long-lived dream of freedom, equality and prosperity.

Source: DEHAI-Eritrea OnLine