What drivers should do to avoid accidents this rainy season

The high number of accidents on the West region road, particularly around Falaise de Dschang ( Dschnag Hill), is concerning. It’s especially worrying during this wet season when road conditions deteriorate. At least 15 people have died in less than one month in at least four separate accidents on this hill while in total, in less than one month, at least 20 people have died, including those in Limbe, South West region. But how can these accidents be contained? Here’s a breakdown of the situation and some precautions proposed and observed by the newsroom.

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The Problem:

High accident rate: Cameroon has many road accidents, with estimates ranging from over 16,000 to over 6,000 annually.

West region road: This specific road seems to be a hotspot, likely due to its winding nature and constant deterioration.

Wet season: Rain makes these already challenging roads even slicker and more dangerous for heavy-duty cars and is more dangerous w
hen drivers speed past these areas.

Precautions for Heavy Vehicles

Reduced speed: Slowing down significantly, especially on bends and downhill sections, is crucial.

Increased following distance: Leave ample space between your vehicle and the one in front for safe braking.

Proper tire maintenance: Ensure tires are inflated to the recommended pressure and have sufficient tread depth.

Use of low gears: Engine braking can be beneficial when descending Dschang hill.

Driver Awareness: Be mindful of other vehicles, pedestrians, and potential hazards like landslides.

Additional considerations:

Government efforts: Cameroon is working on improving road safety, but more can be done regarding infrastructure and enforcement. Death of Nguemo: Transport Minister lands heavy sanctions on driver, owner of vehicle – Cameroon News Agency

Public awareness: Educating all road users about safe practices during the wet season is important.

Source: Cameroon News Agency