We Should Celebrate, Learn from Adwa Victory Memorial, President Sahlework Zewde

President Sahlework Zewde said we should always celebrate and most of all learn from the victory of Adwa that reverberated across Africa, the Caribbean and the entire world.

In her remark during the inaugural ceremony of Adwa Victory Memorial today, President Sahlework lauded Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Mayor Adanech Abebie for their outstanding achievement for the victory memorial which has been regrettably omitted for 127 years.

The president also lauded all those who took part in the accomplishment of the victory memorial.

Adwa victory is celebrated far beyond Ethiopia by all the people who fought against oppression, the president said, and emphasized the need to preserve it well and pass on it to the next generation.

From the unity of our Ethiopian forefathers and selfless sacrifice paid against the invading troops, the current generation should draw essential lesson and maintain unity, the president underscored.

The Adwa Victory Memorial, which is a legacy that goes beyond the bounds of time and p
lace for all the black people across the world, was inaugurated today by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in the presence of top government officials, diplomatic corps and invited guests.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency