Various activities by Eritrean nationals in connection with March 8

Asmara, Eritrean nationals residing in abroad conducted various activities in connection with 8 March, International Women’s Day depicting the role and contribution of Eritrean women in the struggle for independence and in safeguarding the national sovereignty.

According to report, at the events conducted under the theme “Peace the Result of Our Resilience – Development the Fruit of Our Toil” nationals residing in South Africa, Angola, Republic of South Sudan, Israel, Sudan, Kuwait and France, stated that the double fold struggle and the achievement the Eritrean women registered bears a noble chapter in the history of Eritrea.

Nationals residing in the United Arab Emirates, as well as in the cities of Germany, Italy, USA, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Holland, Denmark and other countries also conducted similar ceremonies affirming their support in the effort to empower women in all sectors.

At a ceremony conducted in Abu Dhabi, Ms. Seida Mohammed Taha, Chairwoman of the National Union of Eritrean branch, called on members to reinforce contribution in the national development drives bearing the nobility of the history of the Eritrean women.

March 8, International Women Day was also colorfully celebrated in Italy in which Mr. Fesshazion Pietros, Ambassador of Eritrea to Italy, Ms. Nigisti Tsegay, chairwoman of NUEW branch in Europe attended, report indicates.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information