UAE Pledges to Support Ethiopia’s Effort in Empowering Women

Addis Ababa ENA United Arab Emirates (UAE) is committed to continue its support to the efforts being made by the Government of Ethiopia to empower women and ensure gender equality, according to the UAE Embassy in Ethiopia.

UAE in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Development Center in Ethiopia began yesterday a five-day training for three hundred Ethiopian women entrepreneurs with limited to or no business experience, operating small and micro-enterprises, or aspiring entrepreneurs planning to establish their own businesses.

The training is aimed at empowering women, particularly in the fields of leadership and development of business skills, according to the press release sent by the embassy.

In his opening remark, UAE Embassy Political, Economic and Media Affairs Head Ahmed Al Badawai reportedly said that his country continues to support various initiatives and programs for women empowerment and gender equality in many other countries, including Ethiopia.

State Minister for Urban Development and Construction, Mesfin Asefa said on his part women and youth unemployment is a challenge for the government, despite the impressive economic growth for the last two decades.

Underlying the utmost importance of empowering women for prosperous, equitable and inclusive society, Mesfin called on the women to play a leading role amid the ongoing reform in the country.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency