Training on development of select vegetables and fruits

Mendefera, The Halhale National Agricultural Research Institute organized two week training on the development of select types of vegetables and fruits, report indicates.

The training was attended by 35 agricultural experts from six agricultural research centers from Golij, Shambiqo, Akordat, Shieb, Gahtelay, Hagaz and Halhale.

According to Mr. Medhanie Mehari, researcher at the Halhale National Agricultural Research Institute, the training was aimed at upgrading the capacity of the experts on proper utilization of agro-technology in preservation and cross breeding of select vegetable and fruit seeds and enhancing productivity.

The trainees on their part, pointed out that the training will have significant contribution in upgrading their skill, in the development of modern vegetables and fruits farming and in increasing productivity.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information