The Amhara Region Council has urged the Tigray Regional Council to stop immediately after the Tigray Regional Command and the hostilities.

The Amhara National Assembly commended the Amhara and Tigray Peoples’ Transcendental Amity and the Transitional Constitution of the Amhara National Liberation Front.

The Amhara Region Council has strongly cautioned that the Tigray Regional Commanders should be deployed to stop the fighting and hostilities immediately.

Bahird City, Abyssinia (Abed) The 12th regular session of the 4 th Anniversary of the 4 th Anniversary of the Council is taking place from February 26 to 29, 2011.

According to Alemayehu Asres, Regional Director of the Government Communication Affairs Office,

According to the statement, the council has reviewed the security situation with the Tigray state in detail. Ato Alemayehu pointed out that the two nations had a history of history in the history, culture, religion and country. He also noted that there was no distinction between the two peoples, no violence, no suffering, and lived together. Ato Alemayehu expressed his confidence that the people will be able to work hard and survive in the future.

He also noted that any harassment in the conflict between the Amhara and Tigrayan peoples during the transition to conflict and war would not be tolerated. It has been argued that the actions of some organs to create a conflict between the two peoples were not acceptable to the council. The Council urged the Tigray Regional Commanders to mobilize war vigils, large-scale military preparations, reinforcements to the Amhara regional borders, and to stop some of the aggression of terrorist activities.

The Council has said that it does not believe that the Tigrayan state, which has been hijacked by the Tigrayan government, has lost its power, but that the plundering group would not tolerate it.

The Council strongly recommends that the Tigrayan People’s Conspiracy Party not waste any time, but not for the “ruin” of civil war, and give no answer to the plight of the people of Tigray.

The Council also noted that the Amhara region did not agree with the Amhara people of the Amhara people and urged them to take corrective measures against the peacemaker.

The Amhara State Government has recommended that the Amhara’s people safeguard the rule of law, ensure the rule of law, and build the capacity of the people of the Amhara to defend themselves against any attack.

Source: Dehai Eritrea Online