Support to disadvantaged nationals

Asmara, Nationals in various areas of the country are extending financial and material support to disadvantaged citizens with a view to ease the burden they might encounter due to the ‘Stay at Home’ guideline.

Accordingly, residents of Mai-Harmaz extended 28 thousand and 500 financial support to disadvantaged nationals while one national in Kudo-Felasi administrative area who wants to stay anonymous contributed 6 thousand and 500 and residents of the administrative extended food items.

Likewise, the Dekemhare sub-zone administration extended food items and sanitation material support to 34 families while the administrative areas of Afelba and Tikul extended food items to disadvantaged families in their areas.

In related news a number of nationals inside the country and abroad decided that the families renting their houses to live free of rental payment ranging from two to four months.


Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information