Substantial investment for construction of health facilities

The Ministry of Health branch in the Southern region reported that in the past 30 years of Independence over 193 million Nakfa has been invested for putting in place health facilities as well for the introduction of modern medical equipment.

Indicating that before independence there were 2 hospitals, 3 health centers and 22 health stations providing limited health service to the public, Dr. Amanuel Mihreteab, head of the branch office in the region, said that currently there are 7 hospitals, 9 health centers, 42 health stations and 2 maternity and child clinics providing commendable health service to the public.

Regarding human resources, Dr. Amanuel said that the number of medical professionals has increased by 500%, health practitioners by 330%, nurses by 237%, assistant nurses by 330%, laboratory technicians by 1125%, pharmacists by 700%, X-Ray technicians by 525%, public health professionals by 478%, and dentists by 1450%.

Dr. Amanuel went on to say that alongside providing health services the health facilities in the region have significantly contributed in raising the awareness of the public on health issues and in the reduction of the prevalence of communicable diseases.

The Fistula Treatment Center in Mendefera is also providing commendable service to fistula patients coming from all over the country.

The health facilities are also providing praiseworthy pre and post natal treatment and pregnant women delivering at health facilities has increased by 317%, Dr. Amanuel added.

Regarding control of diseases that have been the main causes of death and disability, Dr. Amanuel said that over 1.5 million impregnated bed nets have been distributed to the public and vaccination programs especially to mothers and children have been conducted against various diseases.

Source: Ministry of Information Eritrea