Statement on the press conference: Meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the European Union

The Council of Foreign Ministers of the European Union held a meeting to share current affairs among member states. According to the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Mr. Josep Borrell, the Foreign Ministers discussed several international issues, including the situation in the northern Ethiopian region of Tigray.

In his press conference following the meeting, Mr Borrel said that the ministers had been briefed by Mr Pekka Haavisto, Finnish Foreign Minister and Special Envoy, about his trips to Ethiopia and Sudan.

Ministers agreed on this and called for unrestricted and unhindered humanitarian access, the immediate cessation of hostilities, the investigation of human rights violations and respect for international humanitarian law.

The content of Mr. Borrell’s testimony was general. Therefore, a fuller response will be given once we have a thorough and balanced assessment of the meeting and after the written statement that is expected in the coming days is released.

However, what Mr Borrell said shows that the European Union continues to maintain its

unjust position towards Eritrea and Ethiopians. The European Union releases the TPLF from any responsibility. The EU does not recognize that ensuring access to humanitarian aid and investigating alleged human rights violations are primarily the responsibility of the Ethiopian government. It completely ignores the efforts of the Ethiopian government and its partners, who are already providing humanitarian aid and an important contribution to the stabilization of the region.

By calling for an end to hostilities, the EU blames the Ethiopian federal government, although the main and sole culprit is the TPLF. It is worrying that the European Union continues to equate a sovereign government and a criminal group. Their approach of giving the assertion of facts more weight than the facts, of making hasty decisions while ignoring the views of those who

are primarily affected by the situation has not only proven fruitless but is not becoming a sustainable one Help stabilize the region.

It is clear that the European Union is still unwilling to change its one-sided approach to affairs in our region. If so, our efforts will continue until the Union takes a position that promotes peace and stability in the countries of the Horn of Africa.

At this point we would like to underline that a coordinated and effective “social media campaign” will be continued by the Eritreans until the European Union takes a fairer position on our region.

Source: Dehai Eritrea Online