PRETORIA, Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi will launch cervical and breast cancer policies aimed at addressing the high mortality caused by these two types of cancers on Friday, the Department of Health says.

The policies, tp be launched at Frere Hospital in East London in Eastern Cape Province on Friday, are also aimed at improving the management of cancer and the quality of life of women in South Africa, according to a statement issued by the department here Tuesday.

Breast and cervical cancers have been identified as among the leading causes of death among South African women, especially women aged 30 years and older and the ervical Cancer Prevention and Control Policy will assist in preventing the disease by promoting healthy lifestyles and providing Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination.

The Health Department said the Breast Cancer Control Policy meanwhile would focus on breast cancer awareness, early detection, treatment and care.

The implementation of both policies will provide clinical support for women, who are both at risk of developing the disease later in life and currently undergoing treatment to survive and live healthy lives.

The department said it was working on a 10-year plan to equip hospitals with the necessary facilities to care for and support patients with cancer in an effort to address the Hospital Service Equity and Accessibility for women.

The Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control policy will enable the introduction of a new screening technique called liquid-based cytology, which is an improvement from the Pap smear technique and is more comfortable and produces reliable results,” the department said.

The Breast Cancer Control Policy will allow women, who are diagnosed early, to have access to treatment such as trastuzumab, which will prolong life if treatment is completed and minimise the recurrence of the disease women.