JOHANNESBURG– nations of the BRICS grouping — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — will engage on matters relating to building programmes around social and economic development and promoting human rights when the 10th BRICS Summit begins at the Sandton Convention Centre here Wednesday.

South Africa is hosting the three-day summit and will push for an African agenda during the discussion. It is for this that South Africa has invited other African countries to attend the summit where development and prosperity will be at the centre of the discussions.

It is an important milestone in building stronger solidarity and co-operation among emerging markets and the 15-nation Southern African Development Community (SADC) objectives are informed by its common agenda which seeks to advance peace and sustainable development in the sub-region, a role which BRICS can enhance.

Taking the BRICS theme into consideration, its leaders will have time to interact with African leaders on how best they can bring about inclusive growth and share prosperity.

The BRICS summit also aims to reach out to fellow developing and emerging markets, among them Turkey, which has shown a great deal of interest in Africa.

South Africa also wants BRICS to look at establishing a working group on peacekeeping.

Some civil society organizations are expected to hold protests during the summit citing human rights violations by some of the invited heads of state.