South Africa: Cosatu Free State Deplores the Situation in Qwaqwa Where Residents Continue to Queue for Jojo Tanks to Get Water

Since the trucks judging from their registration numbers seem to be privately owned ;we are seriously worried about the costs involved in keeping these trucks running to supply water!

We are well aware that there is sufficient infrastructure in place to supply all the corners of Qwaqwa with water. We are also acutely aware that there is a water outlet at Bluegumbosch ,which is being fed from Sterkfontein dam.

We have taken a decision to embark on a program to get answers from those deployed to positions of power. We demand to know as to why should the residents in this area continue to suffer due to a lack of clean running water. What is also disheartening is the fact that there are no clear and known plans to resolve the water problems?

As COSATU Free State, we demand answers as to why should the community and the workers continue to suffer!

Source: Congress of South African Trade Unions.