Significance of organized tours to development sites

Asmara, Organized tours to development sites was reported that have significant contribution in increasing the understanding of citizens on the ongoing nation building activities as well as in developing domestic tourism.

The comment was made during the tour the residents of Sembel sub-zone, Asmara, conducted to the Gahtelai dam and other infrastructural activities being conducted by the Red Sea General Construction Company.

Explaining to the members of the tour, Eng. Teumai Berhane indicated that the objective of the construction of the Gahtelai Dam is to ensure potable water supply to the port city of Massawa and to develop agricultural activities in the area. Eng. Teumai also said that 80% of the construction of the dam has been finalized.

Commending the timely implementation of the infrastructural activities they observed, the tour participants on their part expressed that they have been able to witness the working capacity and commitment of the youth.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information