‘Sergel’ Award to exemplary teachers in Anseba region

Keren, ‘Sergel’ Award was conferred to 15 exemplary teachers including 5 females in Anseba region for outstanding contribution in the teaching-learning process. The objective of the award was to encourage outstanding teachers and create positive competition and there by contribute in the development of teaching-learning process, the report indicated.

At the ceremony organized on 5 October in Keren, Mr. Kiflay Andemicael, head of the Ministry of Education branch in the Anseba region stating that the teaching profession demands commitment and extra effort, called on the society in general and youth teachers in particular to shoulder responsibility and enhance effort to that effect.

Mr. Kibrom Gebrezgi, chairman of the Teachers’ Association in the region on his part, indicated that the awardees were identified and screened by teachers, supervisors, students and committee of the parents.

The ‘Sergel’ Award that aims at encouraging outstanding teachers is being awarded for its first time this year.

‘Sergel’ means victory both in Tigre and Bilin languages.

Source Eritrea – Ministry of Information