September Peak Tourism Month with Several Outdoor Festivals in Ethiopia: Tourism Ministry

The month of September marks the end of the rainy season and the beginning of sunny season, along with several outdoor religious and cultural festivals activities that are significant for tourism in Ethiopia, according to Ministry of Tourism.

Ministry Public Relations and Communication Director, Alemayehu Getachew told ENA that the period between September and January is a peak season for tourist flow in Ethiopia.

The flow in particular increases in September which marks the end of rainy season and the celebrations of outdoor religious and cultural festivals.

According to the director, the Ethiopian New year, Gifata, Meskele, and Irrecha are among the festivals that have been enhancing tourism.

The celebrations are included in tourism packages based on tourists interests, time, and financial capacity.

Besides, tourists can also enjoy Ethiopian foods, coffee ceremony, and visit the grand open market, Merkato, as part of the tourism package in Addis Ababa city, Alemayehu added.

In the city, transit passengers can also visit various places, including the National Museum, where the remains of Lucy are found, and historical places as well as the newly developed tourist destinations like Unity Park and Entoto Park

Source: Ethiopian News Agency