Seminar to students of Warsai-Yikealo school

Sawa, The Chairman of the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students, Mr. Saleh Ahmedin conducted seminar on 4 January to students of the Warsai-Yikealo school in Sawa focusing on the objective situation and timely role of the youth in the political and developmental activities in the country.

Indicating that for the past 80 years the Eritrean youth had to go through multiple challenges, Mr. Saleh said that the Eritrean youth have paid heavy price for independence and safeguarding the national sovereignty and have emerged victorious.

Mr. Saleh went on to say that love of country, common psychological make up, self confidence, self-reliance, national unity and stance as well as standing in unison against external conspiracies are among the noble values of the Eritrean youth, and called for transferring the values to posterity.

Mr. Saleh also gave briefing on the new era unfolding vis-A�-vis its opportunities and challenges.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information