Seminar on role of national service in safeguarding national sovereignty

Mendefera, A seminar focusing on the role of the national service program in safeguarding national sovereignty and nurturing common national identity was organized in Mendefera. The seminar that was conducted on 17 and 18 July was organized for youth workers in connection with the Silver Jubilee anniversary of the beginning of the National Service Program.

At the seminar extensive briefings were presented on the objective and experience of the national service in Eritrea as well as its advantage for the country and citizens vis-A�-vis the objective for its establishment.

Indicating that the National Service Program was not for military purpose only, the presenters said that the program was initiated 25 years ago with a view to nurture disciplined and committed youth.

Pointing out that the heroic feat demonstrated by members of the national service in safeguarding the national sovereignty attests to the heroic values and love of country they bequeathed from the past generation, the presenters said that the new era of peace and cooperation is the result of the heavy sacrifice they paid for the people and country.

According to reports, celebrations in connection with Silver Jubilee of the beginning of the National Service Program are underway in the 12 sub-zones of the Southern region under the theme Sawa: The Perfect Choice for Sustainability.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information