Seminar on contribution of NSP in safeguarding national sovereignty

Asmara, Seminar focusing on the contribution of the National Service Program in safeguarding the national sovereignty as well as nurturing national values among the youth was conducted to participants of the Silver Jubilee anniversary of the establishment of the Sawa Military Training Center and the beginning of the National Service Program. The seminar was conducted by Maj. Gen. Teklai Habteselasie, Commander of the Eritrean Air Force.

Indicating that the sustainability of the love of country, commitment and culture of work that has been nurtured during the armed struggle for independence was found paramount important after independence, Maj. Gen. Teklai said that the Government of Eritrea issued a proclamation in 1994 for the establishment of the National Service Program and that has greatly contributed in inculcating the noble values among the Eritrean youth.

Maj. Gen. Teklai went on to say that the National Service Program has also significantly contributed in consolidating unity and common understanding of the Eritrean youth and in the eradication of sub-national outlooks.

In related news, Ms. Askalu Menkorios, Minister of Tourism, also conducted seminar on 4 August focusing on the participation of Eritrean women in the National Service Program.

Minister Askalu said that the number of female participation from the 1st to 32nd rounds of the national service was about 127 thousand and that was 21% of the total participants of the program.

Minister Askalu also gave extensive briefing on the contribution of Eritrean women during the armed struggle for independence, in safeguarding the national sovereignty and nation building process.

Indicating that the Eritrean Government has a long time ago issued a legal proclamation for the abolition of harmful practices. Minister Askalu called for strengthening participation of all sectors of the society to that effect.

Let. Col. Dawit Mehreteab, Commander of the Military Academy, also conducted seminar on Sawa: Education and Soft Power Center.

Source: Eritrea – Ministry of Information