Security forces open fire at protesters in Borena, three sustain injuries

Security forces opened fire at residents in Borena, south Ethiopia as they try to quell ongoing protest demanding an end to tyranny.

Several security officers entered the town of Kulubuma in Borena after protests against the regime reignited on Tuesday demanding an end to years of oppression against a tyrannical regime.

Security forces opened fire at a gathering of people who were not even staging protests, injuring three including a visitor to the town and a woman who work as a street vendor.

The protest by the people in the Oromo region against years of economic and political marginalization has been going on for eight months now and resumed last week after a lull for few weeks.

Over 400 people were killed and thousands of others injured as security forces use deadly force against protesters. Tens of thousands remain in detention.

Source: DEHAI-Eritrea OnLine